Bioinformatic analysis of the sequences of lamins from different species
Received:December 24, 2015  
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KeyWord:Zebrafish;Lamins;lmna gene;Phylogeny analysis;Synteny analysis
张衡璐 贵州医科大学附属医院儿科学教研室, 贵阳
黄惠敏 贵州医科大学附属医院儿科学教研室, 贵阳
叶芝旭 贵州医科大学附属医院儿科学教研室, 贵阳
王志华 贵州医科大学免疫学教研室, 贵阳
何志旭 贵州医科大学附属医院儿科学教研室, 贵阳 ;贵州医科大学组织工程与干细胞实验中心, 贵阳 ;贵州医科大学免疫学教研室, 贵阳
舒莉萍 贵州医科大学组织工程与干细胞实验中心, 贵阳 ;贵州医科大学免疫学教研室, 贵阳 ;贵州医科大学动物实验中心, 贵阳
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      Objective Type A lamins are encoded by LMNA and a major component of the nuclear lamina, which have been suggested to play important roles in chromatin organization, transcription, DNA replication, and cell apoptosis. The aim of this study was to analyze the bioinformation of zebrafish lamins. Methods A phylogeny analysis was figured out with protein sequences of different species by Clustal X and MEGA 4.0 software. Then we compared the lamin protein sequences of different species with that of zebrafish by BLAST tool from NCBI. A figure of synteny analysis results was done with lamin sequence information of humans, murine and zebrafish cited from UCSC, Vega and Ensemble.Results The analysis results showed that lmna, lmnb1, and lmnb2 genes of zebrafish are highly conservative and they may be homology of human LMNA, LMNB1 and LMNB2 genes. Conclusions Zebrafish lamins and human lamins have homologous sequence similarity, indicating that these two genes are orthologous genes.
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