Research progress of adult animal models of growth hormone deficiency and bone metabolism
Received:October 23, 2015  
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KeyWord:Growth hormone deficiency;Animal model;Bone metabolism;Insulin-like growth factor-I
袁人飞 广东药学院, 广州 ;广州军区广州总医院, 广州
邓伟民 广东药学院, 广州
韩丽萍 广州军区广州总医院, 广州
陈小香 广州军区广州总医院, 广州 ;广州中医药大学, 广州
苏海容 广州军区广州总医院, 广州 ;广州中医药大学, 广州
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      Objective To explore the establishment methods of animal models of adult growth hormone deficiency, and to provide a good model for experimental research and treatment for abnormal bone metabolism caused by growth hormone deficiency.Methods The methods of establishment of animal models of adult growth hormone deficiency were reviewed and evaluated refering to literature.Results There were three methods including spontaneous lack-of, pituitectomized and gene knockout can establish animal models of adult growth hormone deficiency. Conclusions Hypophysectomized animal models are inexpensive and easy to create, but not suitable for studying the relationship between growth hormone and bone metabolism.Spontaneous lack-of and gene knockout models are specific growth hormone deficiency and of great research significance in exploring the relationship between growth hormone and bone metabolism.
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