Establishment and evaluation of a mouse model of sepsis
Received:November 02, 2015  
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KeyWord:Sepsis;CLP;Mouse model;Inflammatory response;Infection
荆喜中 广东药学院中药学院, 广州 广东省实验动物监测所, 广省实验动物重点实验室, 广州
贾欢欢 广东省实验动物监测所, 广省实验动物重点实验室, 广州
罗挺 广东省实验动物监测所, 广省实验动物重点实验室, 广州
凌雪荧 广东省实验动物监测所, 广省实验动物重点实验室, 广州
李韵峰 广东省实验动物监测所, 广省实验动物重点实验室, 广州
刘书华 广东省实验动物监测所, 广省实验动物重点实验室, 广州
马俊峰 广东省实验动物监测所, 广省实验动物重点实验室, 广州
黄韧 广东省实验动物监测所, 广省实验动物重点实验室, 广州
张钰 广东省实验动物监测所, 广省实验动物重点实验室, 广州
王晖 广东药学院中药学院, 广州
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      Objective The purpose of this study was to establish and evaluate a mouse model of sepsis for studying the mechanism of sepsis and development of anti-inflammatory drugs. Methods The sepsis in mice was induced by cecal ligation and puncture (CLP). The survival rates, microbial load, liver and kidney damages, cytokines and pathological changes were detected to evaluate the mouse models. Results The death of mice was closely related with the ligated sites. The mice with 50% cecal ligation displayed about 40% of 12-day survival rate, however, all the mice with 75% cecum ligation died within 4 days (P<0.01). Compared with the sham surgery group, the mice with 50% cecal ligation had a high microbial load in the blood and abdominal cavity. Leukopenia was also emerged (P<0.001). CLP mice demonstrated elevated levels of serum ALT, AST and BUN (P<0.01). The levels of IL1α, IL6, IL10, MIP1α, MIP1β, and TNFα were increased a lot. The liver and lung showed obvious pathological injury at 48 h post CLP. Conclusions The established mouse model of CLP shows typical characteristics of sepsis and is an ideal tool for further study of anti-inflammatory drugs.
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