Impact of four anesthetic drugs commonly used in animal experiments on the cardiovascular system in rats
Received:October 19, 2015  
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KeyWord:Animal experiment;Anesthetic drug;Rat;Cardiovascular system
孙安会 湖南中医药大学, 长沙
谷捷 湖南中医药大学, 长沙
吴涛 湖南中医药大学, 长沙
袁肇凯 湖南中医药大学, 长沙
蔡雄 湖南中医药大学, 长沙
胡志希 湖南中医药大学, 长沙
简伟雄 湖南中医药大学, 长沙
李鑫 湖南中医药大学, 长沙
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      Objective To explore the impact of four different anesthetic drugs commonly used in animal experiments on cardiovascular system in rats. Methods Electrocardiogram (ECG) and blood pressure were dynamically recorded by a BioPac MP150 system after anesthesia. In addition, the blood glucose at different time points and hepatic function, kidney function, cardiac enzymes and electrolytes at the end of the test were collected. Rusults Chloral hydrate caused severe ventricular arrhythmia. Isoflurane had inhibitory effect on the heart rate. Pentobarbital sodium induced a increase of ECG P wave. Urethane caused J point elevation of ECG. Blood pressure in the urethane-and pentobarbital sodium-treated groups were increased. Chloral hydrate caused CK to be raised, while isoflurane showed the opposite effect on CK and CKMB. Alanine aminotransferase and aspartate aminotransferase in the pentobarbitol sodium and isoflurane groups were decreased. Creatinine in the chloral hydrate, pentobarbital sodium and isoflurane groups were lower, and the serum sodium and potassium were decreased in the four groups. Conclusions Chloral hydrate has obvious effect on the cardiovascular system, and is not suitable for animal studies on cardiovascular diseases. Pentobarbital sodium, urethane, isoflurane can be chosen for animal studies on cardiovascular diseases.
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