Preparation of a murine model of systemic Candida albicans infection
Received:December 04, 2014  
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KeyWord:Candida;albicans;Animal model;Mouse;Fungal infection
吴玉娥 广东省实验动物监测所, 广东省实验动物重点实验室, 广州
李航 广东药学院, 广州
陈梅玲 广东省实验动物监测所, 广东省实验动物重点实验室, 广州
龚宝勇 广东省实验动物监测所, 广东省实验动物重点实验室, 广州
张钰 广东省实验动物监测所, 广东省实验动物重点实验室, 广州
黄韧 广东省实验动物监测所, 广东省实验动物重点实验室, 广州
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      To establish a stable mouse model of systemic Candida infection and to set up related standard operation procedure. Methods ICR mice were infected with C. albicans or C. parapsilosis by tail vein injection after immunosuppression by cyclophosphamide. The quality control key points included immunosuppression, strain preparation, inoculation doses and the route of inoculation. Survival analysis, bacterial loads and pathological examination were performed to evaluate the prepared model. Results The developed model showed fugal-specific lesions in multiple organs, especially in the kidneys revealed by histopathological examination. Conclusions A stable mouse model of systemic Candida albicans infection can be successfully established by following standardized operation procedure. This mouse model may provide a useful tool for studies on pathogenesis and immune defense of fungal infection and new anti-fungal drug development and so on.
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