Selective breeding of a rat model of congenital umbilical hernia
Received:April 09, 2014  
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KeyWord:Umbilical hernia, congenital;Sprague-Dawley rat;Animal model
张涛 军事医学科学院实验动物中心, 北京
尚世臣 军事医学科学院实验动物中心, 北京
张广州 军事医学科学院实验动物中心, 北京
高青松 军事医学科学院实验动物中心, 北京
刘源 军事医学科学院实验动物中心, 北京
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      Objective To obtain a stably inherited Sprague-Dawley rat model of congenital umbilical hernia by inbreeding, and to observe the structure of umbilical hernia and treat it surgically. Methods Congenital umbilical hernia rats were fostered by full-sib mating. The birth number and umbilical hernia quantity were recorded, and the umbilical hernia rate of rats was analyzed. Six female and 6 male rats with congenital umbilical hernia of 6-month aged F2 generation were selected randomly, among which 2 female and 2 male rats were examined anatomically, and the rest rats underwent surgical suture. Results The umbilical hernia rate was increased along with the increasing inbreeding coefficient, and the rats of F12and F13 generations were all with congenital umbilical hernia. The umbilical hernia rate in female rats was significantly higher than that in male rats based on the total number of rats from F1 to F13 generation (χ2=11.1, P=0.001). Female and male rats had the same structure of umbilical hernia, and all rats recovered 3-4 weeks after surgery without recurrence. Conclusion After 13 consecutive generations of full-sib mating, a rat model of congenital umbilical hernia with stable genetic properties is successfully established.
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