Exploratory experimental study on rabbit model of atrial fibrillation by wireless telemetering and stimulation technology
Received:February 26, 2014  
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KeyWord:Atrial fibrillation;Animal model;Long-term telemetering;Program-controlled high frequency electrical stimulation;Rabbit
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      Objective To explore the establishment of a rabbit model of atrial fibrillation by wireless telemetering and stimulation technology. Method An implantable telemetering stimulator which was independently designed and developed was hypodermically implanted in New Zealand rabbits. The implantable telemetering stimulator was made with the core development and design of MSP single-chip microcomputer of TI Corporation (Texas Instruments) and RF wireless transceiver chip CC2250 of TI Corporation. The design of the implantation system was optimized to cater to the exploratory experiment to establish atrial fibrillation model of New Zealand rabbits. The implanter was implanted into the abdominal subcutaneous tissue of the New Zealand rabbits, the collecting electrodes were placed in the oxter subcutaneous tissues of the left and the right upper extremities, and the two stimulating electrodes were sutured at the left auricle and the left atrium. The signals were collected and stimulated by the wireless transceiver. The I-lead ECG electrical signals were continuously monitored on the body surface by a Powerlab physiological recorder. High frequency (>20 Hz) suprathreshold stimulus (intensity 2 mA, pulse width 1 ms) was emitted by specialized stimulation software of a computer program by the interval (stimulating for 2 s and pausing for 2 s). In case of atrial fibrillation during intervals, the stimulation could be stopped by hand. In case of sinus rhythm, the stimulation could be continued. Results The implantable telemetering stimulator can work stably in vivo (including collecting stimulated electrocardio signal and emitting stimulations) for 30 days. Atrial fibrillation can be induced after stimulating in vivo of the New Zealand rabbits for 3 weeks, with a duration of >48 h. Conclusions Applying implantable telemetering stimulator can build a New Zealand istead of beagles model of atrial fibrillation which is more consistent with welfare optimization and substitution principle for laboratory animals.
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