Comparison of the curative effect of three therapeutic regimens on H22 hepatoma-bearing mice
Received:November 18, 2013  
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KeyWord:Hepatocarcinoma;Mouse;Therapeutic regimens;Curative effect
张园园 上海中医药大学 基础医学院, 上海
方肇勤 上海中医药大学 基础医学院, 上海
王艳明 上海中医药大学 基础医学院, 上海
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      Objective To compare the therapeutic effect of three treatment regimens on H22 tumor-bearing mice. Methods H22 tumor-bearing mice were treated by local injection of compound chemotherapeutic agents (5-FU, mitomycin and cisplatin), oral administration of sorafeni, or the both combined, respectively. Standardized and quantitative syndrome differentiation methods were used to assess the syndromes and tumor-inhibition rate in the mice. Results All these three therapeutic regimens were effective in suppressing the tumor growth in mice. Among them, the combined therapeutic regimen of local injection of compound chemotherapeutic drugs plus oral administration of sorafeni was the best. Conclusion The effect of sorafenib combined with local injection of compound chemotherapeutic agents is better than the other two regimens used separately.
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