Injection of ethanol into the common bile duct to establish a rat model of biliary atresia
Received:March 13, 2014  
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KeyWord:Biliary atresia;Liver cirrhosis;Pure ethanol;Rat, model
葛军涛 首都儿科研究所, 北京
李龙 首都儿科研究所, 北京
魏延栋 首都儿科研究所, 北京
王海斌 首都儿科研究所, 北京
乔国梁 首都儿科研究所, 北京
张震 首都儿科研究所, 北京
刘垚 首都儿科研究所, 北京
明安晓 首都儿科研究所, 北京
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      Objective To establish a new rat model of biliary atresia by pure ethanol injection into the common bile duct. Methods A catheter was inserted and fixed in the common bile duct in male SD rats. Saline (8 rats) or pure ethanol (16 rats) was injected through the catheter,respectively, and the biochemical and pathological changes in the rats were examined. Results SD rats in the experimental group were divided into a persistent injury and a restoration of liver dysfunction groups according to pathological and biochemical detection. In the persistent injury group, biochemical impairments were significantly higher at 8 weeks after ethanol injection than those in the control group and restoration group. Distinct pathological changes in the liver were observed using HE, SMA, and Masson staining. Conclusions It is a reliable animal model of biliary atresia induced by injection of pure ethanol into the common bile duct in the rat. It will provide a useful tool in future studies of biliary atresia.
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