Expression pattern of transcription factor Olig2 in cuprizone-induced mouse model of acute demyelination
Received:September 09, 2013  
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KeyWord:Multiple sclerosis;Cuprizone;Remyelination;Olig2;Mice
陈丽萍 河北医科大学第二医院 神经内科, 石家庄 ;河北省神经内科重点实验室, 石家庄
张静 河北医科大学第二医院 神经内科, 石家庄 ;河北省神经内科重点实验室, 石家庄
马顺利 河北省邢台市第三医院 神经内一科, 河北邢台
李振飞 河北医科大学第二医院 神经内科, 石家庄
张金丽 河北医科大学第二医院 神经内科, 石家庄
董梅 河北医科大学第二医院 神经内科, 石家庄 ;河北省神经内科重点实验室, 石家庄
单明月 河北医科大学第二医院 神经内科, 石家庄
郭力 河北医科大学第二医院 神经内科, 石家庄 ;河北省神经内科重点实验室, 石家庄
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      Objective To investigate the expression pattern of transcription factor Olig2 in cuprizone-induced mouse model of acute demyelination. Methods C57BL/6 mice were fed with 0.2% cuprizone to induce acute demyelination. Immunofluorescence and qRT-PCR were used, and Olig2, MBP and GFAP were detected in the brain tissues of control group and cuprizone-treated groups for 6 weeks and recovery for 2 weeks. Results Severe demyelination occurred in the corpus callosum following 6-weeks exposure to cuprizone, while remyelination was detected in the white matter after the mice were given diet without cuprizone. In the normal mice, Olig2 was expressed in a low level, while the experessions of Olig2 and GFAP were significantly increased, and Olig2+/GFAP+ cells were detected after demyelination. But the expression of MBP was below the normal level with demyelination. After recovery for 2 weeks, the experession of Olig2 was lower, but the experessions of MBP and GFAP were increased. Conclusions Olig2 may play an important role in the glial differentiation from neural progenitor cells into active astrocytes, and in the glial scar formation.
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