Determination and analysis of blood biochemical parameters of wild and breeding rhesus macaques in Anhui Province
Received:July 10, 2013  
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KeyWord:Anhui province;Rhesus macaques;Biochemical parameters;BV
徐玉蕊 安徽大学资源与环境工程学院, 合肥
李进华 安徽大学资源与环境工程学院, 合肥 ;安徽师范大学生命科学学院, 芜湖
孙丙华 安徽大学资源与环境工程学院, 合肥
夏东坡 安徽大学资源与环境工程学院, 合肥
朱勇 安徽大学资源与环境工程学院, 合肥
王希 安徽大学资源与环境工程学院, 合肥
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      Objective To determine the blood biochemical parameters of wild and cage reared rhesus macaques in Anhui Province, and compare the differences between the two kinds of macaques and B virus (BV) positive and negative infection. Methods Fourteen blood biochemical indexes of Anhui rhesus macaques were measured with an automatic blood biochemical analyzer. The differences of biochemical parameters between wild and breeding, and BV positive and negative infection were analyzed. Results The blood biochemical indexes of males were higher than those of females. ALP, TG and GGT showed significant difference between males and females of wild macaques. ALP, ALB, Ca, TG, Cr and GGT showed significant difference between males and females of breeding macaques. The biochemical indexes of BV positive infected monkeys were higher than that of BV negative infected monkeys. Conclusion The blood biochemical parameters are different between wild and breeding macaques, males and females, and BV positive and negative infected monkeys.
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