Proteomic screening of the differentially expressed proteins related with albinism in the skin of albino Chinese hamsters (Cricetulus griseus)
Received:September 12, 2013  
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KeyWord:Albinism;Albino Chinese hamster (Cricetulus griseus);Proteomics;Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis;Mass spectrometry
定明 军事医学科学院实验动物中心, 北京
何允刚 军事医学科学院科技部, 北京
张小飞 军事医学科学院实验动物中心, 北京
张广州 军事医学科学院实验动物中心, 北京
赵爽 军事医学科学院实验动物中心, 北京
王红艳 国家生物医学分析中心, 北京
曾林 军事医学科学院实验动物中心, 北京
白杰英 军事医学科学院实验动物中心, 北京
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      Objective To study the differentially expressed proteins in the skin of Chinese hamster, and explore the mechanism of albinism. Method Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis was performed to separate the differentially expressed proteins, and subsequently they were identified by mass spectrometry. Results Totally 2700-3000 spots were detected in the samples. Sixty-four differentially expressed spots were detected. Among them 33 significant differential protein spots were observed. There were 14 spots matched with real proteins in the 33 spots, and only 11 differential proteins were found. These identified proteins could be divided into 4 categories according to their functions: (1) glycometabolism proteins; (2) transport proteins; (3) cytoskeletal proteins; (4) other proteins. Conclusions There are significant differences between the Chinese hamster and albino ones. Some proteins are involved in the pathogenesis mechanism of albinism, which may be helpful in the study of albinism and may become therapeutic target sites.
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