Isolation of Bartonella quintana from rhesus monkeys and analysis of the gltA gene sequence
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KeyWord:Bartonella quintana; gltA gene; Rhesus monkeys; Sequence analysis
隋丽华 军事医学科学院实验动物中心,北京
曾林 军事医学科学院实验动物中心,北京
张广州 军事医学科学院实验动物中心,北京
白杰英 军事医学科学院实验动物中心,北京
赵彦斌 军事医学科学院实验动物中心,北京
张小飞 军事医学科学院实验动物中心,北京
陈旖 军事医学科学院实验动物中心,北京
赵爽 军事医学科学院实验动物中心,北京
孙兆增 军事医学科学院实验动物中心,北京
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      ObjectiveTo investigate the presence of Bartonella in rhesus monkeys and to analyze the gltA gene sequence.MethodsBartonella were isolated from 16 rhesus monkeys coming from Fujian province, isolated with Guy''s culture-medium. According to the reported complete nucleotide sequence of gltA gene in NCBI, one pairs of primers were designed and synthesized. The gltA gene was amplified from the lysate of Bartonella colony by PCR. Then the bands were cloned and sequenced. ResultsBartonella pathogen was successfully isolated from 3 rhesus monkeys. The sequencing of gltA showed that the isolated Bartonella belonged to Bartonella quintana, with a homology of 98%.ConclusionBartonella pathogen is existed in rhesus mokey coming from Fujian province. The prevalence and spreading of Bartonella infection may happen between mouse and primate in the epidemic area.
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