Comparison of three induction methods of VX2 hepatoma in rabbits
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KeyWord:Rabbit model; VX2 hepatoma; Modified impaction embedding technique
牛洪欣 山东省医学科学院附属医院普外科,山东省医学科学院, 济南
徐忠法 山东省医学科学院附属医院普外科,山东省医学科学院, 济南
张西坤 山东省医学科学院附属医院普外科,山东省医学科学院, 济南
王若谷 山东省医学科学院附属医院普外科,山东省医学科学院, 济南
王丽丽 山东省医学科学院附属医院普外科,山东省医学科学院, 济南
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      ObjectiveTo compare three induction methods of VX2 carcinoma in rabbits. MethodsThirty New Zealand rabbits were randomly divided into 3 groups:impaction embedding group, modified impaction embedding group and percutaneous puncture implantation group. The VX2 models were established separately and CT evaluation was carried out at 1,2, and 3 weeks after tumor implantation. All the animals were sacrificed and tissues were harvested 3 weeks after implantation to compare the success rate and the metastasis rate in the abdominal wall and other organs. ResultsThe success rate was 93% (28/30) and both the two failed cases were in the percutaneous puncture implantation group. Relative to the other groups, the abdominal wall metastasis rate of the modified impaction embedding group is obviously lower. ConclusionsThe modified impaction embedding technique is a promising novel technique in preparation of VX2 hepatoma in rabbits with a high success rate and low abdominal wall metastasis rate.
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