Ultrastructural changes in retinal neurons of APP transgenic mice
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KeyWord:APP transgenic mice; Alzheimer’s disease; Retinal ganglion cells; Ultrastructural changes
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      ObjectiveTo observe the ultrastructural changes in retinal neurons in APP transgenic mice. MethodsWe make comparison between six 10-month-old APP transgenic mice and 6 non-transgenic female mice of the same background and age. All mice were perfusion sacrificed. The whole right eyes were taken and processed for electron microscopic observation of changes in the retinal neurons. ResultsCompared with the control group, the APP transgenic mice group showed evidently pathological changes in neurons of each retina layers. The outer segment structure of cones and rods was blurring, there was cell pyknosis in the outer nuclear layer, cells were dried-up, chromatin was condensed in nuclear layer cells, ganglion cells showed disintegrated plasma membrane, cytoplasmic vacuoles and degenerative organelles, and mitochodria were severely swollen. ConclusionsThere are obviously pathological changes in the retinal neurons in APP transgenic mice.
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