A neonatal rat model of global brain hypoxic-ischemic injury established by 5-minute-delayed cesarean section delivery
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KeyWord:Delayed cesarean-section; Hypoxic-ischemic brain damage; Pregnant dam/surrogate dam/rat pup
李星儿 广州中医药大学针灸推拿学院,广州
袁青 广州中医药大学针灸推拿学院,广州
唐纯志 广州中医药大学针灸推拿学院,广州
陈飞 广州中医药大学针灸推拿学院,广州
赵蓉 广州中医药大学针灸推拿学院,广州
吴加利 广州中医药大学针灸推拿学院,广州
黄燕彬 广州中医药大学针灸推拿学院,广州
孙铄 广州中医药大学针灸推拿学院,广州
刘祎思 广州中医药大学针灸推拿学院,广州
谢津津 广州中医药大学针灸推拿学院,广州
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      Objective To establish a neonatal rat model of global brain hypoxic-ischemic injury. Methods Timed pregnant Sprague-Dawley rat dams were decapitated on the expected day of delivery (gestation day 21), hemostats were used to occlude the four vessels of cornu uteri for five minutes, then the pups were delivered by cesarean section and introduced to the surrogate dams for cross foster. Results7 rat pups died within 3 days after born in 91 rat pups delivered by Delayed C-section (death rate was 7.7%). The neuroethology of rat pups were evaluated by behavioral tests such as righting reflex test (P2d), trapeze test and inclined plane test (P14d). At the last, 21-day-old rat pups were killed by decapitation and the brains collected for HE staining. Delayed C-section group was suggested to have significant difference with the control groups on both behavioral tests and HE staining pictures. Conclusion Delayed C-section delivery with cross fostered by surrogate dams can be an easy method to make a neonatal rat model of global brain hypoxic-ischemic damage for long-term experiments.
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