Correlation analysis of Lrh-1 gene and ovulation number in mice
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KeyWord:Mouse; Lrh-1; SSCP; Ovulation number
王利红 南京农业大学动物科技学院, 南京;江苏畜牧兽医职业技术学院,江苏泰州
张伟 江苏畜牧兽医职业技术学院,江苏泰州
高勤学 江苏畜牧兽医职业技术学院,江苏泰州
王子玉 南京农业大学动物科技学院, 南京
张艳丽 南京农业大学动物科技学院, 南京
王锋 南京农业大学动物科技学院, 南京
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      Objective To explore the correlation of liver receptor homolog-1(Lrh-1; NR5A2) gene nucleotide sequence and ovulation number in mice. MethodsFive primers were designed according to the sequence of NM_001159769 and amplified the coding sequence of Lrh-1 gene. Single-strand conformation polymorphism was used to analyze the correlation of difference in Lrh-1 nucleotide sequence and ovulation number. Results(1) There were polymorphisms in P2 and P5 PCR products. The P2 PCR products had two genotypes:AA and AB. The AB genotype had one base mutation of C674A, and the mutation led to amino acid change of Q140K. (2) The P5 PCR products had three SSCP-types:SSCP-1, SSCP-2 and SSCP-3. The nucleotide sequences of SSCP-1 and SSCP-3 had 25 base deletion than SSCP-2 type. Five base mutations between SSCP-3 and SSCP-2,4 base mutations between SSCP-3 and SSCP-1 were found. When BLAST in NCBI, the nucleotide sequence of SSCP-2 was like NM_001159769, but SSCP-1 sequence was like NG_012313.1. The base mutation of A1652G caused alanine changed to threonine and the base mutation of G1678C caused tyrosine changed to termination codon in peptide chain of SSCP-3 type. (3)There was no significant difference of average ovulation numbers between AA genotype (27.27±8.52) and AB genotype (25.92±11.73) in P2 PCR products (P>0.05). In P5 PCR products, the SSCP-2 type (35.00±14.58) had a significantly higher average ovulation number than SSCP-3 type’s (19.50±7.94) (P<0.05). ConclusionsDefinite correlations of Lrh-1 gene and ovulation number have been established in mice. The results will contribute to the research of Lrh-1 gene molecular mechanism and regulatory pathway in animal reproduction.
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