Establishment and significance of a rabbit model of adnexal torsion
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KeyWord:Rabbit; Model; Ovary; Torsion
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      Objective To establish a rabbit model of adnexal torsion, with typical lesions, good stability, and simple operation, and to explore pathological changes and the role of iNOS in the ovary after preserved surgery. MethodsForty Japanese long-ear white rabbits were randomly divided into adnexal torsion (AT) model groups (n = 32) and control group (n = 8) using a random digit table. In the model groups, the left adnexes of rabbits were twisted clockwise 1080° degrees. After that, a 4/0 silk thread was put across the 3 spiral rings of the rotated adnex and sutured to fix it on the left abdominal wall. Then the rabbits in model groups were divided into 4 groups (8 rabbits in each group). Both ovaries of each rabbit were removed at 4,8, 2,6 h after the adnexal torsion, respectively. In the control group, the ovaries of the rabbits were removed at 96 h after the sham operation. All the right ovaries were removed and served as internal control. The left ovaries were taken a half for pathological examination, and the rest for biochemical detection of iNOS. ResultsAt 24 h after the generation of adnexal torsion and its fixisation on the left abdominal wall, ovarian congestion, infiltration of inflammatory cells and edema were seen. More prominent infiltration of inflammatory cells and disorders of cell structure were found after 48 h. After 72 h, a lot of infiltration of inflammatory cells and focal necrosis occurred. Diffuse necosis of cells was observed after 96 h. Pathological examination of the ovarian tissue revealed the same phasic changes. Biochemical detection of the iNOS levels in each group (left vs. right) were as follows:24 h:(3.542±0.987) vs. (1.521±0.214)U/mgprot, P<0.01; 48 h:(4.986±1.321) vs. (1.832±0.321) U/mgprot, P<0.01; 72 h:(7.991±1.832) vs. (1.124±0.357)U/mgprot, P<0.01; 96 h:(6.991±1.227) vs. (1.732±0.572)U/mgprot, P<0.01. In the AT groups, the iNOS expression in the ovaries reached a peak at 72 h and declined at 96 h after the modeling of ovarian torsion. ConclusionsA rabbit adnexal torsion model has been successfully established. It has favorable features such as simple operation, typical lesions and good reproducibility, and this model well simulates the pathophysiological process of adnexal torsion in women. Threrefore, it may have great significance in further study of adnexal torsion. It is preliminarily concluded that the ovarian injuries become irreversible at 72 h after adnexal torsion, and it is the critical time point of clinical treatment of adnexal torsion with preservation of the ovaries.
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