Effect of the changes of cAMP in pituitary gonadotropic hormone(GTH)cells on the expression of LH mRNA in rats
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KeyWord:Gonadotropin-releasing hormone; LHβ mRNA; Gonadotropic hormone; Signal transduction; cAMP; Rat
王新 青岛农业大学动物科学技术学院,青岛 ;广州中医药大学中药学院,广州
赖小平 广州中医药大学中药学院,广州
谭建华 解放军军事医学科学院军事兽医研究所,长春
韦旭斌 吉林大学畜牧兽医学院,长春
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      ObjectiveTry to analyze the gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) post-receptor signal transduction mechanism of the expression of LHβ mRNA in Rats.MethodsThe gonadotropic hormone (GTH) cells of rat adenohypophysis was stimulated by GnRH impulse at high frequency after cAMP in them was excited by forskolin (FSK) or inhibited by SQ 22536. The Ct value of LHβ mRNA was detected by real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction, and was compared with that of the blank control group.ResultsThe Ct value of LHβ mRNA was significantly falling with the rise of cAMP in GTH cells and significantly rising with the falling of cAMP.ConclusionsThe cells stimulated by GnRH impulse at high frequency respond to LH βmRNA and cAMP is the post-receptor signal transduction pathway. 
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