Microsatellite Marker Analysis of Genetic Diversity in Plateau Juema Pigs
  Revised:March 09, 2007
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KeyWord:Juema pig,Microsatellite DNA,Genetic distance,Genetic relationship,Principal constituent
LI Jun-cheng,JING Zhi-zhong,LU Cai-xia,YU Si-jiu
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      Objective To explore the genetic relationship and genetic diversity of plateau Juema pigs,and whether it is affected by foreign genealogical factors or not.Methods To analyze the alleles frequency,genetic distance,the phylogenetic tree and principal component etc.by using 9 microsatellite DNA markers in 5 pig populations.Results In 125 individuals from the 5 pig populations,assessed by 9 microsatellites,148 alleles were detected altogether,in which Juema pig is the least(55).The genetic distance D_A value and the standard genetic distance D_S value between Juema and Lanzhou pig populations were the largest,0.6781 and 1.3312,respectively.D_A and D_S formed 4 types of phylogenetic tress by using unweighted pair-group method using the average approach and neighbour-joining.It indicated that Juema pig population is a sort and the other 4 populations are another.As the representative of Juema pig,principal constituent(PC1) was 62.174%,which had major difference from other 4 pig populations.Conclusion Comparing Juema pig with Lanzhou,Wuwei,Lintao and Qinhai pigs,the genetic distance and principal constituent discrepancy of Juema pigs is great,and its genetic relationship is far,therefore Juema pig is purer,not influenced genealogically by the other four pig populations.
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