Development of ApoE-rtTA/TRE-HCV-C Double Transgenic Mice via Tet-on System
  Revised:April 05, 2007
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KeyWord:HCV-C gene,hepatitis Cvirus core protein,Transgenic,Mice,Tetracycline regulated system,Tissue specific expression
YANG Guo-zhu,CHEN Xi-gu,HUANG Bing,SHAN Yu,XIAO Dong,MA Yun,DENG Xin-yan
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      Objective In order to enrich the present Tet mice animal bank and provide an useful tool for studies on pathogenesis of HCV-C gene,a study on establishment of a double transgenic mouse model containing both ApoE-rtTA and TRE-HCV-C elements was carried out.Method\ Two constructed fragments carrying ApoE-rtTA and TRE-HCVC were individually introduced into fertilized eggs by microinjection.The injected eggs were implanted into the oviducts of female mice,from them offsprings were obtained.Grossed the two strains double transgenic mice were got and identified with RT-PCR and western blot.Results\ Three mice carrying ApoE-rtTA gene and five mice carrying HCV-C gene were identified by PCR and Southern blotting.Double transgenic mice were got by crossing the two transgenic mice.It turned out 3 transgenic mice carrying ApoE-rtTA and 125 positive offsprings,and also 5 transgenic mice carrying TRE-HCV-C and 16 positive offsprings.Five double transgenic mice were generated.Conclusions\ Transgenic mice carrying tet-on systems have been developed,which enriched the world "Tet-mouse" bank,and provides an animal model for research on HCV core protein.Moreover,an ideal model is established for studies on some genes related to hepatic disease in vivo and provides a technical platform for research on gene expression with temporal,quantitative and site-speciality regulation.
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