Behavioral Study on Learning and Memory Ability of BALB/c and ICR Mice
  Revised:March 05, 2007
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GAO Cui-ying,CUI Xiu-yu
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      Objective In order to provide valuable information for learning and memory basic study,a series of behavioral experiments were carried out to explore the difference of learning and memory ability of different strain mice.Method 80 BALB/c and 80 ICR mice were randomly divided into Morris water maze test group, jumping estrade test group,shuttle box test group and rota-rod test group.The learning and memory ability of the mice were assessed.Results Morris water maze test: Escape times of BALB/c mice in Morris maze had no significant change in their space learning and memory ability during the 9 runs water maze training.However,escape time of ICR mice was gradually decreased.From the 4~th run to the 9~th run,the escape time of ICR mice was significantly decreased in comparison with the preceding 3 runs(P<0.001).Jumping estrade test: wrong times in 5 minutes and jumping latent time of ICR mice before and after jumping estrade experiment had significant differences,respectively.Shuttle box test: The positive escape times,passive escape times,electro-stimulus time of ICR mice pro-shuttle box test training were higher than those of post-shuttle box test training,respectively.But those of BALB/c mice had no significant difference between pro-shuttle and post-shuttle box test training.ROTA-ROD Test: the keep-running time of ICR mice in ROTA-ROD test was significantly higher than that of BALB/c mice.Conclusion These results suggest that ICR mice are more suitable for some kind of learning and memory experiments than BALB/c mice.
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