Application of PCR Techniques in Detection of Eperythrozoon in Rat Infection Models
  Revised:June 29, 2006
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KeyWord:Mycoplasma infections,Polymerase chain reaction,Models,animal,Rat
SUN Ying-feng,SONG Wen-gang,WANG Zhen-yong,CHANG Wei-shan
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      Objective Two pairs of E.suis specific primers were designed to establish a new nested-PCR method in order to assess the E.suis DNA in the blood of E.suis infected rats.The practicability and operability of the nested-PCR techniques used in E.suis rat model were verified.Methods Rats were infected intraperitoneally,subcutaneously or intramuscularly with positive blood from infected swine.Blood samples were colleted and normal blood smear staining was done.The E.suis was purified and its DNA was extracted.Nested-PCR was done and the PCR products were assessed by electrophoresis in 0.85% agarose gel.Results A 498 bp specific fragment was amplified with nested-PCR.It was verified by sequencing.During the experiment no obvious clinical symptom was found in infected rats.Conclusion A rat model of infection with eperythrozoon has been established.In the transcription latent period,nested-PCR is more sensitive and it may become an important and necessary technique in E.suis models assessment.
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