Quantitative Analysis of the Exudation of Evans Blue in Mouse Model of Blood Stasis Induced by Macromolecular Dextran
  Revised:July 03, 2006
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KeyWord:Blood stasis,Models,Animal,Dextran,Exudation,Evens blue
SONG Chong-shun,TIAN Jin-zhou,WANG Yong-yan,REN Ying,YIN Jun-xiang,SHI Jing,SUN Hai-yun,YANG Jin-duo
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      Objective To explore the correlation between the exudation amount of Evans blue in mouse model of blood stasis induced by macromolecular dextran and the degree of blood stasis.Method Preparing 10%,5% and 2.5% dextran solution with 0.5% Evens blue in normal saline.Mice were injected the preparation into tail vein,0.1 mL/10 g.The skin colour of ear and tongue was examined.Evens blue was extracted from the ears by anhydrous acetone and Na2SO4 solution and determined at 590 nm by ultraviolet spectrophotometer at 0.5,1 and 2 hours after dextran injection.Results Compared with the Evens blue-group mice,the whole skin of tongue,in 10%,5% and 2.5% dextran groups appeared blue and the blue color became deeper along with the increasing content of dextran(P<0.05 or P<0.01).At 0.5 hour after dextran injection,the skin of tongue,mice appeared plaque blue.One hour later,the whole skin appeared obvious blue,while its blue faded away about two hours later.Conclusion The degree of blood stasis induced by macromolecular dextran is apparently correlated to the exudation amount of Evens blue,and the degree of blood stasis is regularly related with the content and time of exudation amount of Evens blue.
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