Virologic and Serologic Detection of SARS-CoV in Infected Rhesus Monkeys
  Revised:April 01, 2004
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KeyWord:SARS-CoV,Rhesus monkeys,serology,Virology
WEI Qiang,WANG Jian-wei,ZHANG Yang-qing,BAO Lin-lin,TU Xin-ming,JIANG Hong,GAO Hong,CONG Zhe,ZHU Hua,DENG Wei,TONG Wei,ZHANG bing-lin,HUANG Lan,LIU Ya-li,QIN Chuan
WEI Qiang1,WANG Jian-wei2,ZHANG Yang-qing1,BAO Lin-lin1,TU Xin-ming1,JIANG Hong1,GAO Hong1,CONG Zhe1,ZHU Hua1,DENG Wei1,TONG Wei1,ZHANG bing-lin1,HUANG Lan1,LIU Ya-li1,QIN Chuan1
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      Objective To study virological and serological detection of SARS-CoV in the infected Rhesus monkeys. Methods Eight rhesus monkeys were infected with SARS-CoV inoculated into the nasal cavity, and euthanatized at 5, 7, 10, 15,20, 30 and 60 days after inoculation, respectively. Throat swabs and blood samples were collected periodically for detecting the SARS-CoV and antibodies by RT-PCR, virus isolation and ELISA. Results Infections in the monkeys have been successfully established by SARS-CoV inoculation. The SARS virus RNA was detected on 5-16 days after inoculation using nested RT-PCR in throat swab samples. Viruses were isolated in 5 out of 8 infected monkeys. The SARS coronavirus-specific IgG was positive from 15 th day post infection. Conclusion The duration of PCR detection, virus isolation and antibody production may be used as important criteria for anti-SARS drug studies and vaccine evaluation.
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