Exploration on SARS-Coronavirus Infection Combined with Histoplasma Capsulatum
  Revised:February 21, 2005
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LU Yao-zeng,LAI Ri-quan,FU Lin-chun,CHEN Song,FENG Xiao-dong,GUO Wei-zhong,TIAN Ye,WU Xiao-xian
LU Yao-zeng1,LAI Ri-quan2,FU Lin-chun1,CHEN Song1,FENG Xiao-dong2,GUO Wei-zhong1,TIAN Ye2,WU Xiao-xian1
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      Objective To explore the etiology of SARS that it could be coronavirus infection combined with Histoplasma Capsulatum. Methods Specimens taken from one case of SARS autopsy and one case of rhesus monkey necropsy. Histopathological and immunofluorescence techniques were used to detect the fungal Histoplasma Capsulatum and pathological changes in the specimens of human and monkey's lung, spleen, lymph nodes and liver. Results 1. The histopathological changes of monkey were very similar to those in human beings. 2. The results of immunohistochemistry demonstrated that: (a) SARS convalescent serum and rabbit anti-Histoplasma Capsulatum serum vs. H. Capsulatum antigen revealed to be positive. (b) Both two kinds of serum vs. specimens of SARS and monkey's lungs, spleen, lymph nodes and liver appeared H. Capsulatum positive. Conclusion It was evident that the patient and monkey were infected with H. Capsulatum in vivo. The etiology of SARS is coronavirus combined with Histoplasma Capsulatum infection.
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