A Preliminary Study on Rat Model of Diabetic Ulcers
  Revised:October 08, 2004
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KeyWord:Diabetes mellitus,Ulcers,Model,Animal,Rat
GE Liang peng,WEI Hong
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      Objective To establish a reproducible rat model of chronic diabetic ulcers and investigate their characteristics and major pathological features. Methods\ The rat model of chronic diabetic ulceration was induced by repeated cyclic magnetic compression on the skin. The skin injury was measured grossly and tissue samples were taken for histological examination and biochemical assay. Results\ The model generates reproducible skin injury as characterized by tissue necrosis, leukocytes inflitration and high concentration of advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs). Conclusion\ A rat model of diabetic ulcers was established by an ischemia reperfusion method. The models present virtually all the pathological characteristics found in human diabetic ulcers. Therefore, it is a useful animal model in investigation of pathogenesis and therapy of diabetic ulcers.
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