Monitoring System in Transgenic Animal Models of Controllable Temporal and Spatial Expression
  Revised:December 01, 2004
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KeyWord:Transgenic,Animal model,tet off system
SUN Jingfang
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      Objective In order to establish a monitoring system in transgenic models of controllable temporal and spatial expression in endothelial cells. Methods\ Two binary transgenic mouse models were constructed. One was a spatial specificity expressing model by using tissue specific promoter, and the other was an artificially controlled temporal expressing model using tet off system. Results\ Endothelial cell specific driver mice VE cadherin:tTA was created by cloning the tetracycline regulated transcriptional activator (tTA) under the control of the endothelial cell specific VE cadherin promoter. TET:myrAkt1 transgenic mice were constructed using full length Akt1 with a c Src myristoylation sequence under the control of the tet operon promoter. The binary transgenic mouse was produced by crossing with transgenic mice, and an inducible expression of endothelial cell Akt1/PKB can be controlled by administration with tetracycline. Conclusions\ Temporal and spatial expression of target gene in endothelial cells can be controlled artificially by using VE cadherin promoter and tet off system.
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