RAPD Analysis of Shanyi Colony of Chinese Hamster Inbred E Genealogy
  Revised:September 27, 2003
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KeyWord:Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA(RAPD),Chinese hamster,similarity index
SONG Guo-hua,LIU Tian-fu,ZHANG Jian-hong,ZHAO Jia-hui
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      ObjectiveTo analyze the genetic purity of Chinese hamsters E Genealogy inbred strain. Method31 RAPD primers were selected and used to amplify 12 sam ples of E genealogy of Chinese hamster. The amplified fragment bands were analy zed to calculate the similarity index.Result In this study ,the similarity index of all samples ranged from 94 3 1% to 99 78%, averaging at 97 49%. ConclusionChinese hamster of Shanyi colony E genealogy has reached a high degree of genetic purity.
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