A New Modeling and Its Dynamic Observation of Rabbit''''s Atherosclerostic Stenosis
  Revised:October 30, 2003
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KeyWord:Atherosclerosis,PTA,Rabbit,Restenosis,T hrombosis inducer
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      Objective To create a new animal model for atherosclerostic resten osis induced after percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA).Methods\ 18 Japanese white rabbits were selected including 6 in the normal group. The both co mmon carotid arteries were stimulated by electric current generated by a thrombo sis inducer. The rabbits were fed by high-fat diet for 6 weeks after the operat i on. The models were sacrificed and the arteries were obtained at 3 days,1 wee k,3 weeks and 6 weeks respectively after the operation. Then the pathological sl ides were prepared and stained for optical microscopic observation. Result s\ Within 1 week after the operation there was thrombi-g e neration in the models' arteries; endothelial cell hyperplasia and pa rtly internal plastic membrane broken in tunica intima; minor SMC(smooth mus cle cell) edematous or disappeared in tunica media; neutrophil infiltrated in tunica adventitia. The status beyond 3 weeks after the operation was obviously hyperplastic in tunica i n tima and lipid-deposited under it; partly SMC-decreased,both fibre and ground-substance hyperplastic in tunica media, especially in the stimulated par ts; slightly stimulated parts thickened in tunica adventitia. All the 6 animals' a rt eries 6 weeks after the operation were stenosed. Conclusion\ The i ntegra tion of stimulating common carotid arteries by electric current and feeding by h igh-fat diet can induce the animal model of atherosclerostic stenosis successfu lly. The model's pathologic change is similar to human atherosclerosis. Additi onally, the arteries' blind ends generated by the method of PTA can be avoided.
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