Increased Activation of Reactive Astrocytes in Brain of PDAPP Transgenic Mice
  Revised:May 16, 2003
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KeyWord:Alzheimer's disease,Transgenic mouse,Astrocy tes,Glial fibrillary acidic protein
ZHANG Jian-min ,WANG Hong ,HUANG Lan ,ZHU Hua ,GAO Hong ,LIU Li ,QIN Chuan ,HE Wei
ZHANG Jian-min 1,WANG Hong 2,HUANG Lan 3,ZHU Hua 3,GAO Hong 3,LIU Li 3,QIN Chuan 3,HE Wei 1
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      Objective To study the activation extent of reactive astrocytes in br ain of PDAPP transgenic mice. Method\ The activity degree of reactiv e astrocytes in brains of PDAPP transgenic mice was compared with that of C 5 7 /BL non-transgenic mice through detecting the expression of (glial fibrillar y acidic protein(GFAP) on reactive astrocytes using immunohistochemistry. Results\ The levels of GFAP expression on reactive astrocytes in brains fr om PDAPP tra nsgenic mice was significantly higher than that of C 57 /BL non-transgenic mice. Conclusion\ There could be significant neuroinflammation in brain of PDAPP transgenic mice.
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