Expression and Existence of Porcine Endogenous Retroviruses in Chinese Experimental Miniature Pig
  Revised:December 05, 2002
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KeyWord:Pig, endogenous retrovirus,Chinese experimental miniature pig,Polymerase chaim reaction
LU Mao-min,JIA Li-wei,YANG Wen-bin,YANG Shu,XIONG Jing-feng,DING Zhuang,CHEN Hua,XIE Zhong-chen,ZHANG Jin-gang
LU Mao-min1,JIA Li-wei1,YANG Wen-bin1,YANG Shu1,XIONG Jing-feng1,DING Zhuang2,CHEN Hua3,XIE Zhong-chen3,ZHANG Jin-gang*
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      Objective To investigate the existence and expression of porcine endogenous retrovirus(PERV)in Chinese experimental miniature pig(CEMP).Method Three pairs of specific primer(gag,pol,env)and three pairs of type-specific primer(A,B,C)were synthesized,then using the PCR and RT-PCR methods,we detected the PERV of DNA and RNA samples derived from the peripheral blood lymphocytes of CEMP.Results The results showed that the PERV existed and expressed in all samples,and the expression of PERV belonged to PERV-A and PERV-B,but the expression of PERV-C wasn't detected in all samples.Conclusion The PERV exists and can be expressed in Chinese experimental miniature pig.This research may be helpful to development of the Chinese experimental miniature pig and to assessment of the pathogen safety of PERV.
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