Effect of Compound Anisodine on the Mucosa of Gastrointestinal Tract after Hemorrhagic Shock in Rats
  Revised:December 20, 2002
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KeyWord:Anisodine,Rat,Shock, Hemorrhagic,Jejunum,Stomach
CHEN Hua,LIU Ya qian,HUANG Li jie,LI Chun hai,XIE Zhong chen,GOU Peng
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      Objective To observe the effect of LINGGUANG injection(compound anisodine)on the mucosa of gastrointestinal tract after hemorrhagic shock in rats Methods Fifty six male Wistar rats were divided into 4 groups randomly,which were sham shock,shock,shock treated with LINGGUANG injection in low dose and high dose groups separately. Animals were subjected to sham shock,or 70 minutes hemorrhagic shock at 4 kPa blood pressure with or without LINGGUANG injection treatment Half of the rats were sacrificed at 6 hour after resuscitation,the rest were killed at 12 hour Some organs were qualitatively cultured for translocating bacteria Stomachs,jejunums and ileums were examined under light microscope, and jejunum mucosas were observed under transmission and scan electron microscope Results and Conclusion Bacteria translocating to mesenteric lymph nodes,livers and spleens was less when treated with compound anisodine compared with control shock rats,the damages of gastrointestinal tract also became slighter in treated rats The mechanisms of compound anisodine treatment may be related with microcirculation improving and free radical scavenging
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