Establishment of Diabetic Retinopathy Complication Animal Model Induced by Streptozotocin in Experimental Rhesus Monkey
  Revised:April 08, 2002
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KeyWord:Rhesus monkey,Diabetes mellitus,Retinal diseases
TANG Donghong,DAI Jiejie ,JIANG Luzhi ,SUN Xiaomei,KUANG Dexuan,GAO Jiahong,JIANG Qingfang,ZHANG Xueling
TANG Donghong,DAI Jiejie *,JIANG Luzhi 1,SUN Xiaomei,KUANG Dexuan,GAO Jiahong,JIANG Qingfang,ZHANG Xueling 1
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      Objective To establish the model of diabetic retinopathy complication in rhesus monkey. Methods Four adult, healthy and male rhesus monkeys were injected intravenously with different STZ dosage(one of the four with 60 mg/kg, one with 45 mg/kg, the other two with 30 mg/kg twice fifteen days apart). Result All of the monkeys were made animal models of the insulin dependent diabetes mellitus(IDDM) and the state of chronic hyperglycemia(SCH). These diabetic monkeys had long term higher preprandial plasma glucose, and they showed tiny blood vessel dilation in eyeground, early retinal hemorrhage dot, tiny angioma and cataract, during 63-91days after inducing STZ. Conclusion Animal model of diabetic retinopathy complication disease was established. It would be useful for studying the mechanism of diabetes mellitus and its complication, and observing the efficiency, safety of the diabetic drugs instead of human being.
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