Experimental Study of Intrauterine Surgery on the Near-Term Fetal Sheep
  Revised:August 20, 2001
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KeyWord:Sheep, fetal,Intrauterine surgery,Histology
ZHOU Guangxing,LI Xiaotian,PAN Mingming,XU Huan,ZHU Pingmei
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      Objective To evaluate the feasibility of intrauterine fetal surgery in sheep. Methods Intrauterine surgery was performed at 116-125 gestational days on 4 ewes with twin fetuses each. Fetal toe or lip was excised in one of twin to observe the results of gestation and to evaluate histopathologic changes in newborn lambs. Results Up to full term gestation, all fetuses in the experiment were delivered through vagina and alive. The surfaces of the fetal wounds were without inflammation and scar formation. Histological examination of the skins and brains from both control and test groups demonstrated that all fetal lambs were normal except that only one brain tissue of the test group showed mild pathologic change. Conclusion Intrauterine fatal surgery is of feasibility.
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