The Research of Overspeed Method to Cryopreserve Mice Ovarian Tissue
  Revised:September 28, 2001
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KeyWord:Mice, ovary,Liquid nitrogen vapour freezing method,Procedure freezing method
PANG Long,WANG Yanrong,SHEN Xinsheng,ZHANG Chongzhi
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      Objective To study the overspeed method of cryopreservation of mice ovarian tissue, and find out a convenient and practical method of its storage. Methods After thawing, the ovarian tissues were transplanted. The recovered time and rate of estrus, level of serum estradiol of recipient mice, enzyme histochemistry of transplantation tissues, the ultrastructure of thawed tissues were studied to compare the cryopretective effect of cryopreservation methods and types of CPA. Results and conclusion In comparison with procedure freezing method,though the same CPA,the liquid nitrogen vapour freezing method showed the advantage of well ultrastructure of ovarian tissue in addition to the same results of enzyme histochemistry.There were no significant difference between the procedure freezing method and liquid nitrogen vapour freezing method in recovered rate of estrus, level of serum estradiol.
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