Degradation and Biocompatibility Investigation of Human - hair Keratin Artificial Tendon Material in Body
  Revised:February 14, 2001
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KeyWord:Artificial tendon,Biocompatibility,Biodegradation,Thransplantation
LU Sheng,LIANG Chongli,LI Tao,CAI Xuemin,LI Qixun,LIN Yueqiu
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      Objective To investigate the degradation of Human\|hair keratin artificial tendon (HHKAT) material and evaluate its biocompatibility in body. Methods The HHKAT materials were divided into two groups: Z and F according to disposed time, with normal human hair used as control group O. The Z, F and O samples were implanted into the two sides of spine muscle in 12 rabbits. The rabbits were killed 2,6,12,24 weeks after operation, observing the degradation progress of HHKAT and its tissue reaction. Result The degradation time of HHKAT was different according to disposed time: group F absorbed completely, group Z absorbed a little in 24weeks, while O groups showed no absorption. Histologic investigation showed that HHKAT and normal human hair did not evoke apparent inflammation reaction, and the histologic reaction decreased with degradation of HHKAT. Conclusion HHKAT is a kind of material with good biocompatibility, and can be in degradation according to requirement.
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