Study on improving efficiency of producing transgenic mouse
  Revised:July 02, 2000
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KeyWord:Transgenic mouse,Microinjections
CHENG Xuan,CHEN Hongxing,YANG Xiao,TAN Xiaohong,HUANG Peitang
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      Objective To improve the efficiency of producing transgenic mice.Methods The major steps were the preparation of DNA fragments for microinjection,the preparation of eggs with high quality,and the microinjection and implantation optimized.Results The born mice were examined by PCR and Southern Blot.At the beginning,we got 2 transgenic mice in 146 born mice.After improvement,we got 10 transgenic mice from 34 born mice.The ratio of transgenic founder mice was improved from 1.4% to 30%.Conclusion The technical platform for transgenic research has been establised due to the great improvement of the efficiency of producing transgenic mice.
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