The Comparison Study on Biological Characteristics of EAC Cells from 3 Different Institutes
  Revised:November 30, 2000
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KeyWord:Carcinoma,Ehrlich tumor,Biological assay,Animals/models
XU Zengnian,WANG Xiufang,LU Zhanjun,LIU Junxu,LIU Fuying
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      Objective\ To compare biological characteristics of EAC cells from 3 different institutes.Methods\ Cell size was determined with the Cells Analysis System.The curve changes of neoplastic diameters were studied after subcutaneous injection of EAC in BALB/c.The neoplastic weights of the 12th day were measured and the sensitivity of EAC to CTX in BALB/c was compared.Results\ Both size and shape of cells were basicly of similarity.Ectogenesis of Beijing EAC was easier than the other two EAC. Induced tumors of Beijing EAC were the most by subcutaneous inoculation. The tumor-inhibitory rate to CTX treatment was 82.9%(Beijing EAC),71.9%(Wuhan EAC),50%(Shandong EAC) respectively. Conclusion\ The EAC cells from 3 different institutes appeared to be different markedly.\;
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