Establishment of Urogenital Infinite Tumor Cell Lines by Nude Mice Tumor Xenotransplantation
  Revised:November 06, 2000
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KeyWord:Tumor cells,cultured,Mice,nude,Tumors/models
WANG Pengfei,SHI Changhong,SHAO Chen,SHI Xinyou,SHAO Guoxing,WANG Zhongkun
WANG Pengfei,SHI Changhong1,SHAO Chen,SHI Xinyou1,SHAO Guoxing,WANG Zhongkun
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      Objective\ To establish urogenital carcinoma cell lines and provide a tumor model for further research.Methods\ The tumor tissues were cut into several fragments sized 1.0mm3 then implanted into one nude mouse subcutenousely.If the tumor tissues in the nude mouse appeared to grow and became very large,it then was passaged in nude mice for another two times.The tumor tissues in the third mouse was cut and cultured in vitro primarily.When the cells were cultured more than 20 passages,it was certified according to the references.Results\ 40 specimens were implanted.6 tumors grew in F 1 nude mouse,and 3 in F 3. The 3 tumor tissues were incised and cultured in vitro.Finally 3 infinite tumor cell lines were established:renal carcinoma cell line RCC-9863;bladder cancer cell line BC-6;prostate cancer cell line PC-98106.They are all cultured for more than 1 years and grow steadly.Also they have the human's morphological structure and inherent characters.Conclusion\ Nude mouse tumor implantation model is considered to be a good method to establish infinite urogenital carcinoma cell lines.\;
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