Characteristics of the Reproduction and Growth of IRM-2 Inbred Strain Mouse
  Revised:July 02, 2000
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KeyWord:IRM-2 mouse,Reproduction,Growth,Organ weight
WANG Yueying,ZHOU Jiwen,WANG Ruqin,ZHAO Zhongping,YUE Jingyin,WU Hongying,LIU Peng,ZHANG Heqing,MU Chuanjie
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      Objective\ To obtain the information of characteristics of reproduction and growth of IRM-2 inbred strain mouse.Methods\ The growth and reproduction performances including litter size, weanling rate,body length, body weight and organ weight were investigated in the IRM-2 inbred strain mouse.Results\ The reproductive capacity of IRM-2 mouse was stronger than the parental strain 615 mouse,for litter size the former was 8.5 and the latter 6.5. The weanling rate observed in IRM-2 strain was 100% and the longest life span was over 39 months. The mean body weight for male and female was 28.9g and 24.6g and the body length 9.6cm and 8.8cm at 10 weeks old,respectively,suggesting that the growing speed of IRM-2 mouse was quicker than that of parental mouse. Organ weight was higher in male than in female,except thymus.Conclusion\ The results showed that IRM-2 is a fine inbred strain mouse.\;
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