RAPD Analysis of Genetic Variations among SPF Chicken Lines
  Revised:September 18, 2000
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KeyWord:RAPD,Genetic analysis,SPF chicken
ZHANG Shidong,QIN Zhuoming,CHEN Jie\ ,ZHANG Piyan\
ZHANG Shidong,QIN Zhuoming,CHEN Jie\ 1,ZHANG Piyan\ 1
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      Objective\ To analyze the genetic variations of 3 lines of SPF chickens and to direct the breeding of SPF chickens.Methods\ 30 blood samples were collected from lines F,M,B and the contrast pure line H each.Mixed in equal quantity into 3 pool samples respectively,DNA was extracted,random primers were screened and the response system was optimized,then the templet DNA was amplified.The average similarity coefficient within each line was calculated and the dendrogram was constructed based on inter-line genetic distance.Results\ There were clear and steady amplified bands using 13 of 60 random primers;the average similarity coefficient within 4 lines(B,F,M,H) were 0.903,0.673,0.755 and 0.968 respectively.3 samples of each line were clustered into one group firstly,then line F and line M were clustered into one group,line B and line H were clustered into another group.Conclusion\ The genetic similarity of line B is the highest while line F and line M were much lower.The genetic distance between line F and line M was the shortest,which was in accord with the importing history of the breeds.\;
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