Isolation of ES Cell Colonies on a Feeder Layer of ICR Mouse Fibroblasts
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KeyWord:Mice,Fibroblasts,Embryonic stem cell
GAO Shuping,WANG Taiyi,SHI Weihong,DONG Wanwei
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      Objective To isolate ES cell colonies on a feeder layer. Methods Mouse embryos of 13-14 days were for the cultivation of primary mouse embryo fibroblasts (PMEF) which turned to be a feeder layer for blastocysts. Results The inner cell mass (ICM) of blastocysts grew well on the feeder layer of PMEF.The proliferation rate of ICM was 57%. After 48 hours of ICM disagregation ES colonies began to appear,showing strong AKP activity. Conclusion It is a preliminary success for the feeder layer to produce embryonic stem cell lines.
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