Exploration of Step Through Avoidance Response: Determination of Learning and Memory Function in Rat
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YE Cuifei,LI Bin,AN Wenlin,PIAO Jinghua,LIU Huibo,HE Shida,LI Lin
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      Objective To compare three tests and statistical methods in the measurement sensitivity of learning and memory function in rat by step through avoidance response. Methods Learning and memory dysfunction rat models caused by injuring neuron of basal forebrain and injecting scopolamine were adopted and studied on by three methods of simple mono-test,simple multi-test and scoring multi-test. Results For learning and memory dysfunction rat model caused by injuring neuron of basal forebrain, latency time could not indicate significant difference between model and control by simple mono-test, whereas the two kinds of indication in simple multi-test could.The latter was also better than scoring multi-test. The results for learning and memory dysfunction rat model caused by injecting scopolamine were similar to models above. Conclusion Simple multi-test is the most sensitive method for measuring learning and memory in animal by step through voidance response.
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