Clinical Study of Congenital Glaucoma in Rabbits
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ZHANG Yang,GAI Chunliu,SUN Jian
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      Objective To investigate the clinical characteristics of congenital glaucoma in rabbits.Methods Normal rabbits and congenital spontaneous glaucoma rabbits were clnically compared in their corneal diameter,anterior chamber depth,anterior chamber angle,ocular axis length,fundus,intraocular pressure,FVEP,etc.Results It was observed that the corneal diameter was enlarged,anterior chamber depth increased,angle widened,ocular axis lengthened,the optic disc and visual function severely damaged in rabbits with congenital glarcoma. Conclusions The location of aqueous humor drainage obstacle might be at trabecular meshwork of the congenital glaucoma,whose poor endurance of high intraocular pressure could result in the globe expansion and optic disc damage.
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