Study on The Optimal Levels of Digestible Energy, Crude Protein and Crude Fiber and Essential Amino Acid Model for Growing Experimental Rabbit
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KeyWord:Orthogonal designation L 9(3 4) Energy Protein Crude fiber Daily gain Blood biochemical value EAA model,
He Rui-guo,Jin Lin-mei,Wang Yu-lian,Xiong Ton-gan,Luo Xing-qin,Kong Li-jia
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      Japan large-ear white weanling-rabbits, similar body weight and isogene, were used in this experiment for two periods to study the optimal levels of digestible energy (DE), crude protein (CP) and crude fiber CF) and essential amino acid (EAA) model. Orthogonal designation L 9(3 4) was chosen for the experiment. Ninety-baby rabbits (55d) were randomly divided into 9 groups and fed 9 different diets for 45d during the first period. Average daily gain (ADG) of group 2 (the highest) and group 9 (the lowest) were 34.5g and 27.5g respectively, and the ADG of the former is 24.45 percentage higher than that of the latter. The results showed that the composition and nutrient levels of diet in group 2 were optimal. In the second period, 60 rabbits (40d) were selected to examine the effects of group 2 diet during the first period. ADG was 34.0g and similar to that in the first period. All blood biochemical values are normal. It is suggested that the DE ( -1 ), CP (15.0%) and CF (14.0%) and EAA model of group 2 diet are suitable to the nutrient requirement of growing large-ear white rabbit.
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