Study on Detection of Mouse Hepatitis Virus by Reserve Trascriptase and Polymerase Chain Reaction and Comparison of Different Primers
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Shao Wei-juan,Gao-Cheng,Lu Guo-pin,Bao Chun-yang,Wang Xiao-ming
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      The Viral RNA extracted from cell infected with MHV1,MHV3,A59, JHM strains was transcribed into cDNA by using AMV reserse transcriptase, then t he cDNA was amplified by PCR. The MHV-specific fragments were obtained from all four strains with primer cpc12 and cpc34, but no band was oberserved in IBV standard and wild strains; A 241bp fragment was obtained from all four strains a nd IBV with primer cpc56. Virus RNA solutions were serially diluted and subjec ted to the RT-PCR analysis. The 10pg of viral RNA was detected.
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