Transgenic Mice Carrying xylE Mutational Target Gene
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KeyWord:Microinjection xylE Transgenic mouse Transformation,
Chen Jianquan,et al
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      In this study,transgenic mice were generated by microinjecting pESnx shuttle vector (12.7Kb) into the male pronucleus of 549 fertilized eggs of ICR mice.The pESnx contains a xylE mutational target gene from TOL plasmid of pseudomona putida.352 eggs survived were transplanted into the oviduct of 24 psuedopregnant ICR mice respectively. 7 got pregnant and 41 offsprings were delivered,7 of them were stillbirths,4 of them died in few days after birth.The ratio of survival eggs is 64%(352/549) and the ratio of birth is 11.7 offsprings per 100 transfered eggs.17 positive of the 30 survival offsprings were identified by PCR and Southern blotting analysis,the ratio of integration is 57%(17/30).By recovery of the vector and transformation,it indicated the integrated vector contained intact target gene,so transgenic mouse model carrying xylE mutational target gene was established.
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