Comparison of the Effects on Several Physiologyical Parameters Between Different Diets for Mouse and Rats
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KeyWord:Nutrition SHN mice Physiology,
Liu Sumei,et al
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      The effects of Chinese diet (pellet) for mouse and rat (Institute of laboratory animal science of CAMS) on growth and several physiological parameters was examined in SHN mice in comparison with Japanese commercial pellet (LAB MRBreeder:Nihon nosna Kogyo KK).Some differences were found in body growth,pattern of estrous cycles,normal and preneoplastic mammary gland growth,major organ weights,serum glucose levels and glucose tolerance by using the two kinds of diet.The result indicate that the Chinese diet examined satisfies the fundamental demands for mouse,Spontaneous mammary tumorigensis tended to be higher and some components of urinary excretion were significantly lower fed by Chinese diet than that by Japanese diet.
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