Extraction and Purification of Major Histocompatibility Complex Antigen in Mouse
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KeyWord:Major Histocompatibility complex Detergent Affinity chromatography
Lan Ping,et al
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      Objective:This study was designed to purify Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) antigen (H 2) that induce the rejection of organ transplantation in mouse.Methods:Triton/tris was used to extract the crude H 2,to which of the anti H 2 antibodies coupled with sepharose 4B was applied to purify H 2 antigen by affinity chromatography.The coupled H 2 Ag was eluted via 0.5%DOC,0.65M NaCl solution.Results:45kd heavy chain and 12kd light chain from purified proteins showed respectively by electrophoresis.Besides,the pure H 2 Ag was found to have serologically and biologically activity,as determined by antibodies rebinding and cytotoxicity inhibition assay.This method should be useful purification of a large quantity of H 2 Ag for the research in transplantation and functional analysis of MHC antigen.
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